About Us

Busy Bee Therapy Services, PLLC, offers comprehensive occupational therapy services in the school-based setting. We service Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas in private, public, and charter school setting.

We offer both direct and indirect services depending on your school’s service delivery model and the needs of the child.

We will staff your school with top notch therapists that are licensed and insured in the state of Utah. We thoroughly screen, interview, and supervise our therapists. Our staff is passionate, experienced, trustworthy, and committed to helping each child succeed!

In addition, Busy Bee Therapy Services is available to provide staff trainings and parent/caregiver information sessions on topics such as the Benefits of Occupational Therapy, Pre-writing skills, Occupational Therapy and Autism, Sensory Processing in the home and school, and other topics.

School-based Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants often have many creative and practiced ways to help the child thrive within the school setting.

We bring expertise in many therapeutic domains to the educational setting:

  • Sensory awareness/processing/integration
  • Neuromuscular functions
  • Motor (gross, fine and oral) skills and Motor Planning
  • Visual Perceptual skills / Visual Motor Skills
  • Adaptive behaviors/behavioral end products
  • Functional Daily Living Skills
  • Social Skills and Social Participation


Busy Bee Therapy Services fulfills the requirements necessary to remain compliant with applicable rules and regulations described by the Utah State Board of Education in conjunction with the Federal Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).