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Release of the new DSM Autism classifications

Posted by on May 21, 2013

With the upcoming release of the new DSM and its changes in the autism classification, I have heard a lot of banter about what all of this could mean for our children with the disorder. I am attaching an article here that helps succintly explain the changes: http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2013/05/17/new-dsm-change-assurances/17969/ I have attempted to be open-minded to the change and to see both the pro’s and the con’s of the change. But regardless of how you feel about...

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Asperger’s Disorder and the Sandy Hook killings

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012

This has been weighing so on my mind since the terrible atrocity at Sandy Hook. Asperger’s is NOT to blame for the evil inflicted by this young man. There are many assumptions into the cause for the horrific shootings, and I understand the need to make sense and seek reason for such evil and tragedy. But asperger’s is not the reason.  I am hearing and seeing alot of people who are uninformed about the disorder attributing the violent act to his neurodevelopmental disorder. Please...

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Sensory Buddhas

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012

  We,  humans, are sensory beings! There is no way around it. No matter what we are doing, however zen and meditative we are, no matter where we are….. we are constantly being bombarded by sensory inputs. Now if we have a nervous system that functions optimally then we can dampen some sensory inputs and heighten others so that we can function independently and successfully. For many of the children that I work with, this filter does not work in the same way and there is a constant...

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Evidence Behind Sensory Integration?

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012

So with all the push for “evidence-based practice” these days, I thought this subject for my blog was right on target. While as a scientist, I believe in evidence based practices, I also think a common misperception is that the “evidence” or the research is the only important concept. The notion of evidence based practices is based on a three legged stool – the evidence, clinical experience, and patient preferences. The research is only one of those legs and the...

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Summer Sensory-based Activity Ideas

Posted by on May 21, 2012

Hi all, As school ends and the longer and more unstructured days of summer arrive, parents might have some apprehension about keeping our kids busy, keeping them working on skills, and also keeping their sensory systems with enough input to stay regulated. Rest assured that there are MANY easy to do activities that can provide your child with that much needed input. I have put together a list of such activties. So take some deep breaths, get your child out and about as much as possible, engage...

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The Rise of Autism

Posted by on Apr 18, 2012

April is Autism Awareness month. So it is no wonder that so many newspapers across the country are highlighting autism, autism services, and benefits in the community that go to raise money for autism related causes/foundation. I do, however, find it amazing to read the smatterings of articles across the country that are reporting on the alarming increase in the incidence of autism. What are the reasons for the seeming ever-rising incidence of autism? In my professional opinion, that answer is...

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