Release of the new DSM Autism classifications

Posted by on May 21, 2013

With the upcoming release of the new DSM and its changes in the autism classification, I have heard a lot of banter about what all of this could mean for our children with the disorder. I am attaching an article here that helps succintly explain the changes:

I have attempted to be open-minded to the change and to see both the pro’s and the con’s of the change. But regardless of how you feel about it….it is upon us.

For me, as both a professional that works in the field of autism and as a mother of a child with autism, the word “autism” is just a label. And this in and of itself carries its own pro’s and con’s. The label allows access to services (private, federal, state) that would otherwise not be available; however, it also brings with it a slew of preconceptions, misconceptions, and biases.

So for me, new DSM classfication or not and label or not, the honor and the challenge of working with these beautiful and unique minds remains. Sometimes I watch my son and how he interacts with the world, how he exeperiences life so based on his senses, and how he is so ever present in the moment and whatever intense emotion that brings and I marvel at him.  I realize that there is no label that could ever represent his special soul.

So we continue working with these children and serving them. We continue to teach them and to allow them to teach us.