“Busy Bee Therapy has been providing our Occupational Services for several years now. The COTAs have been great to come in and quickly establish rapport with the students. The OTs are prompt with reports and data for IEPs. They have provided excellent input at the IEP meetings to help both teachers and parents understand the best way to support our students.  Thank you for your great services. ”  — Eva Wayman, special education director, Excelsior Academy

“Busy Bee Therapy truly collaborates with all members of the team in our school setting, Stormy shares her incredible knowledge with energy and enthusiasm” – – Kathy Dudley, Physical Therapist

“Pulling from both her professional training and personal experience, Stormy from Busy Bee Therapy is able to provide top quality treatment and education to  clients and their caretakers. Stormy truly loves what she does and is able to improve the lives of those she works with.” — Danielle Jacketta, Occupational Therapist

“Busy Bee has a working knowledge and understanding of the unique profiles of each individual child. It has been fun to see her create, expand, and implement new programs and interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of individual students, classrooms, and settings. It is hard to tell people how great you are in two sentences!” — Stephanie Nilsen, Headmaster, Clear Horizons Academy

“Busy Bee Therapy and Stormy do a great job in assessing and working with students to enhance their ability to function and be successful in the classroom and school environments. She has provided our parents, students, and teachers with an incredible, experiential, learning adventure. She has helped our staff understand sensory processing issues. This is something that anyone who works with children with issues should go through. She has a wonderful way of using fun-filled activities and “ah ha” moments to make her point. She uses a variety of strategies which include direct therapy with the child, consultation with the teacher, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, and staff training. Her workshops show how the multi-sensory activities of children allow them to move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the habits and skills essential for writing. We are very fortunate to have Stormy and Busy Bee Therapy in our district and to be the recipients of her expertise” — DeeAnn Hall, Principal, The Early Learning Center

“Busy Bee Therapy Services have been an integral part of our special education team for the past two years.  All of the staff and technicians that we have worked with have been fantastic.  Busy Bee provides professional, data driven service to our special education students, as well as conducts evaluations and writes progress reports, all of which are completed thoroughly and in a timely manner.  Busy Bee is wonderful to work with, and our kids love them!” –K. Kendall, special education director, AISU